Thursday, October 18, 2018


Traditional oil & gas to make basis as a prime industrial development

The four LAKEL projects described securely installed and carefully operated will make the reliable basis for steadily growing gross national product  by keeping the value creation inland, making best use of the local resources, generating business to indigenous corporations and  creating safe and satisfactory jobs to local workers.

Like a 1st derivation, the refined processed products make the start to a second circle of industrial and cultural development, namely indigenous energy suppliers, pharmaceutical industries, plastic industries and based on and in the sequence of those a new generation and entire range of production and machining industry, relative communication, property and financial services to foster and support the new industry segments with customised industry components, semi-products and services. At last substantial trade will arise.

Like a 2nd derivation, all these businesses create a growing number of work places, more and more people finding work and more and more people able to support themselves thanks to their income earned and buying power gained. Their needs and desire again will form a growing consumer market and stimulate small and medium businesses and trade. This again being the source of socio-cultural awareness, realizing and becoming able to realize infrastructural improvement like sanitation, roads, power, housing, cloths, … In parallel city governments become able to enhance, improve and secure public services such as fresh water, energy and communication networks, national health, education systems with all kind of schooling, professional formation and academics.

It is a long and demanding way, but never too late to start it now: The process described has the power to clear the pathway to ultimate innovation in and to new reputation of Nigeria as a contemporary nation. Once the economic growth and social welfare is used to think of future, resilient and sustainable systems, Nigeria shall prove itself as the place and global source of contemporary energies and technologies.

Crucial in the sense of lasting success and welfare are participation and identification of the people of Nigeria in this economic growth. LAKEL provides the right instruments to make participation of the people true, to make the people identify with their industrial achievements and protect them thanks to the power of full identification.