Thursday, October 18, 2018


Купить СНПЧ А7 Казань, оперативная доставка

LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM believes it has influential role to play in strengthening our Oil and Gas environments and communities. Our strong principles of packaging and reliable craving ,is to make meaningful social impact, that also delivers significant business value, is at the heart of all our community connection and our  ingenuities. Our deep commitment to skills-based volunteering and thought leadership serves as the foundation of our multi-faceted community involvement strategy:

  • Attentive – We use our ground-breaking gifted  abilities to  attend and help oil and gas communities, deliberate with them, deal with them  tactically, operational and financial challenges so they can do more to help more people and communities in need. Our people use their professional talents to support them in many ways including: formal and informal skills, volunteerism.
  • Invest – We balance our progressive deliberation with financial resources to help people and communities thrive. We provide grants through our clients, as well as through our local offices and place an emphasis on programs aimed at increasing good living and professional alignments to both the young and old of various communities in oil and Gas region.
  • Advance – We share our innovative thinking to spark advances in supporting communities and skills-based volunteerism through advocacy, awareness, influence and example. We are committed to creating and sharing new research, content and insights on ways corporations can leverage skills-based volunteerism.